The Centre Of Hope employs 33 individuals.


Our intake Program is the first point of contact for individuals who accesses services at the Centre Of Hope.

This program provides the essential basic needs of daily living to individuals who are living in homelessness or are at risk of living in

We provide warm showers, access to our laundry facility, personal hygienic items and clean clothing such as socks and underwear.  We also provide a morning meal of oatmeal or noodles as well through our Breakfast Program. Coffee/Tea/ Hot Chocolate and Ice Tea are always on hand for our patrons as well as light afternoon snacks.

We also provide a sign up computer time service for our patrons as well as an afternoon Activity time that allows staff to connect with patrons through various light hearted activities.

It is at the intake office patrons can sign up for other programs available within our organization such as our Outreach program and Health Clinic.

We also provide a physical address, and phone number for patrons, allowing them to receive mail and to have a permanent address complete with a phone number.

We offer a caring and listening ear to our patrons while most importantly a dry, warm safe refuge during the day.


The Centre Of Hope Outreach Program offers a wide array of services and supports to our patrons. Under the umbrella of the Outreach program we offer in house services, Street Reach and a Women’s Wellness program.

Our in house services include access to a phone to reconnect with family, search for employment, and make appointments. We help with treatment and AISH applications, provide transportation and support through any appointments, court appearances, income tax returns, food bank and resume building. We provide access to Alberta health cards and services as well as referrals to other community resources.

Our Street Reach program runs daily in the afternoon. Our patrons receive water, snacks, and hygiene items as well as seasonally appropriate clothing to individuals who do not frequents any shelter in town. This program aims to decrease barriers by inspiring hope and building trusting relationships through mentoring conversations.

The Women’s Wellness program is a NEAFAN (North East Alberta Fetal Alcohol Network) funded program. The goal of this program is to ensure all women living in homelessness has access to medical and community health care. Women can access feminine hygiene items, pregnancy tests, and other essential items through women’s wellness. We strive to be a direct source of support to empower and coach women to build upon skills of every day living.

Our goal is to be strong advocates for any individual living in homelessness, to assist patrons in identifying and removing any barriers that impede their ability to achieve self sufficiency.


Funding provided by NEAFAN (North East Alberta Fetal Alcohol Network) has allowed us to provide a home (complete with a house mentor) for 3 Males – who have been diagnosed or suspected of with FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder).   FASD is an umbrella term used to encompass a range of disabilities and birth defects that occur as a result of alcohol consumption during pregnancy.  These 3 males are now experiencing independent living under the guidance of the on-site mentor who helps support those men through daily activities.  The mentor provides transportation to appointments and support through mental health assessments.


The Centre Of Hope is a participant in Alberta’s 10 Year Plan to End Homelessness through the Housing First Program.  This model is based on the concept that housing is a basic human right, and a means of providing homeless individuals with the stability that is required to move forward.  The Program involves the support of a Housing First Coordinator who works around the unique needs of the individual to navigate the housing system in Fort McMurray and obtain shelter either through the private or subsidized market.  Often this includes securing identification and financial resources; subsequently the Coordinator works with the individual to identify attainable goals that will ultimately enhance one’s ability to maintain housing, employment, reintegrate into the community and build upon one’s sense of self.  Ideally the Program goal is to help the individual reach independence within a 12 month period, however, the Centre Of Hope recognizes that each person is unique and requires varying degrees of support over time.  The Centre Of Hope and all of our programs and services are geared towards helping the chronic homeless gain and maintain housing.