About the Centre of Hope

Centre of Hope is Fort McMurray’s only daytime drop-in centre for those in our region living in homelessness or are at risk of homelessness.  In addition to meeting our patrons’ immediate daily needs, the Centre of Hope assist each patron that accesses our agency in moving forward towards independence and self-sufficiency.  2020 Centre of Hope moved our daily operations to the Marshall Street location, which houses the below programs.

Intake / Drop in Centre

This is the first point of contact for patrons and community members at the Centre of Hope and encompasses all programs.

Programs offered include Outreach Services, Mental Health and Addictions Counselling, Street Connect Clinic, AHS services, and partner community services agencies.

Intake can provide a breakfast of oatmeal and noodles, prepackaged snacks with coffee, tea, and bottled water.  Individuals are provided with clothing options for both men and women in all sized, and footwear, as well as personal hygiene items. Intake can provide a physical address and phone number which allows patrons a place to be contacted and to receive mail and assisting with their taxes.

The staff operating the Intake Program build the strongest rapport with patrons.  They are the main, front line constant contact, and access point to all services.

Email: intake@fmcentreofhope.com


The Outreach Program practices a more intense level of support for the individuals accessing the Drop-In Centre.  Patrons can receive assistance with transportation, Government Identifications, Alberta Health Care registration and cards, social connection to family and friends through phone calls, community service referrals, connections and support with employment, direct link to housing programs, with various unique needs for physical and mental health supports.

Women’s Wellness is designed specific to female needs, which includes health care, pregnancy, street workers, and all other unique traumas faced by women living in homelessness.

Street Reach is designed to meet the needs of individuals living in homelessness who do not use community services including the Centre of Hope or shelters.  Outreach staff strive to bring basic needs and connection to where the individual frequents with the mobile Centre of Hope Outreach Service Van

Mental Health & Addictions                                     

Our Mental Health Counsellor works with individuals who have mental health and addiction concerns, and often concurrent mental health issues who do not have appropriate supports to address their daily living needs. Our counsellor supports individuals to realize their own abilities, enabling them to cope better with usual life stressors.

According to individual need, our counsellor will facilitate connections with internal and external programs and resources, such as outreach services, street reach nurses, doctors, and other mental health professionals. 

Our program takes a harm reduction, community-based approach to case planning that involves goal setting and planning with the participant.   Our goal is to empower individuals to connect with appropriate community-based programs that address mental health and/or addiction concerns on an ongoing basis.   We seek to develop productive working relationships with community members, program partners and community agencies.

Referrals through any agency and Centre of Hope’s Housing First and Street Connect Programs.  Also, on a walk-in basis through Centre of Hope’s Drop-in Centre. 

Call to make an appointment: (780) 713-9915 or    

Email: mentalhealth@fmcentreofhope.com

Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH)

PSH is a 17-bed program located on the 2nd floor of Centre of Hopes main building with 24/7 support staff. This program works to provide an inclusive, harm-reduction and recovery-based home for individuals who were experiencing chronic homelessness prior to entering PSH and have been identified with extensive barriers to independent housing. Our PSH program is established from evidence-based practices to ensure each resident is provided with adequate support to increase their longevity in housing and self-efficacy. The program provides voluntary access to a flexible and comprehensive array of support services and places no limits on length of tenancy if terms and conditions of the lease or agreement are met. There is an extensive focus on resident engagement, behavioral health care, intensive case management services, life skills training, cultural components and more. The most integral components of the PSH program are resident choice, optional services, harm-reduction supports via an onsite managed alcohol program and protection of tenancy.

Housing First

The Housing First Program is a significant component in the Community Plan to Ending Homelessness.  The focus of this program is to assist the chronic homeless with finding and effectively maintaining housing.   Individuals are assessed using a government approved assessment tool, implemented by a Centralized Intake process. Once participants are housed, coordinators provide individualized intense case management to help them achieve the goal of sustainable independent living.

Eviction Prevention Program

Goal Is to Support Individuals to Achieve Sustainability in Tenancy. This program is innovative and unique to our province, servicing individuals facing eviction due to a gap in income.  The length of this program is tailored to each individuals’ circumstances and can anywhere between 30 – 90 days.

How we can help!

Restore tenancy or find alternate affordable housing solutions

Service Referrals

Employment Assistance

Relocation Support

Financial Assistance

Landlord Mediation

Solution Based Outcomes

Required Documentation

Current lease agreement

Appropriate Identification

Eviction Notice

3-month banking statement


Financial assistance is determined Upon Eligibility

Call or email for information (780) 215-1622 

Email  evictionprevention@fmcentreofhope.com

Street Connect

Street Connect offers a wide range of services including primary care, mental health support, addictions support, sexual health education, self-harm reduction and pregnancy testing. The multidisciplinary team is comprised of registered nurses, registered psychiatric nurses, social workers, Indigenous liaison, recovery workers and administrative support. The team works to support the homeless patrons needs, to reduce the stigma and offer compassionate, empathetic, and reliable care.

The team’s mission is to provide a holistic approach which ensures we partner with individuals and support them to live more independently and reduce their risk of becoming seriously ill or help them manage chronic conditions.

Centre of Hope Clinic:

Tuesdays and Thursdays 10am – 2pm  

Phone: (780) 788-1556 Fax: 1 (844) 638-4286