Make a Difference 365 Days


                                                         Items Needed 365 Days


ð       Bottled Water

ð       Milk

ð       Juice (boxes)

ð       Hot Chocolate

ð       Tea

ð       Mac & Cheese snack cup

ð       Stew

ð       Snack packs, Fruit & Pudding cups

ð       Trail mix

ð       Gring Coffee

ð       Coffee Mate

ð       Sugar

ð       Sweetener

ð       Soups assorted

ð       Cup of soups, noodle in a cup

ð       Bread

ð       Crackers assorted

ð       Butter

ð       Jam – Assorted

ð       Peanut Butter

ð       Frozen Breakfast Foods

ð       Cereal

ð       Instant Oatmeal

ð       Toothpaste

ð       Toothbrush

ð       Razors – men’s 4 blade

ð       Deodorant

ð       Disposable Face Wipes

ð       Nail clippers

ð       Fresh Fruit

ð       Chewing gum

ð       Cough Drops

ð       Disposable cups w/ lids

ð       Disposable small plates

ð       Disposable bowls


ð       Socks

ð       Underwear

ð       Long johns

ð       Thermal wear

Belts – Men’s 32-34    Ladies 28 – 30

ð       Winter jackets

ð       Ski Pants

ð       Winter boots

ð       Toques

ð       Gloves/mitts

ð       Scarfs

ð       Neck warmers

ð       Ice Cleats Walking Traction ð       Hot pockets hand & feet

ð       Kleenex


Centre of Hope is open 365 days a year to assists many individuals who are dealing with more than not having consistent shelter.  Some individuals have been homeless for more than half their lives and have no idea how to live in a safe space.  These individuals have a lot of strength to survive a life of chronic homelessness, as Centre of Hope encourage them to have the strength to live a different life, if they choose.  Centre of Hope supports without discrimination and respect the value of every individual who enters our centre.

Since 2005 Centre of Hopes needs have not changed just the number of items have, as there are more individuals living homeless due to a lack of stable, safe, and adequate housing.  Sub-Zero Challenge is for these individuals who are on a different journey due to mental illness, addiction, and several external factors.  Centre of Hope is building support and momentum to assist our most vulnerable populations through your generosity of giving, time, clothing, monetary donation.

Centre of Hopes Drop In and Street Reach are the two programs that require your support as our drop in centre on 10095 Marshalls Street see over 75 visitors a day seeking various resources.  Which your donations assist with their needs, i.e., having a safe place to have hot shower and clean clothes. Drop in provides many services for our patron to utilize daily and as needed.  Both the drop in and the street reach help our most vulnerable with hot drinks, light snacks, seasonal items, hygiene products, and bottled water.  Street reach is designed to meet the needs of individuals living in homelessness who do not use community services including the Centre of Hope or shelters.  Staff strive to bring basic needs and connection to where the individual frequents with the mobile Centre of Hope Outreach Service Van. Both these programs are supported by your donations and this year the importance of our sub-zero challenge is for our patron and individuals who might not visit our facility is to ensure they some essential to survive in our winter climate.   The needs have not changed it is the amounts that have, we require more bottles of water, coffee supplies, and prepackage foods, along with winter clothing, boots, jackets, gloves, etc.  Centre of Hope is striving to provide outstanding services with the resources that we have and with your help this program will provide all our most vulnerable expectational resources and services to ensure they stay dry and warm this winter season.

Please support Centre of Hope by donating greatly needed items and/or monetary donation via

Together we can achieve our goal to keep all our friends experiencing homelessness safe this winter season.

Deliver to:  Centre of Hope ~ 10095 Marshall Street ~ 8:00am – 4:00pm ~ Monday – Sunday

Donate to: