Captain’s House

Captain’s House

Since 2008

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Captains Place has operated under funding from NEAFAN since 2008.  Partnering with Wood Buffalo Housing Development Corp to create affordable stable residence. Referrals for the program derives from partnering community agencies supporting individuals with FASD.  The staffing model consist of three part time support staff on a rotational schedule. Supports include but are not limited to: foster life skills, medication management, community recreation, fostering social skills, budgeting, and any goals identified by the resident. Captains model-maintained services for three men suspected of or diagnosed with FASD, Captains Place operates on a harm reduction method where collaboration, routine and traditions are encouraged.  creating a safe, stable home environment where their nutritional and social needs are provided for by support staff. Ultimately, the outcome for each man housed at Captain’s Place is to achieve a better quality of life within their own means. 


In the heart of downtown Fort McMurray you can find the Centre of Hope, Fort McMurray’s only daytime drop in centre for our communities homeless and near homeless adults.

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