About the Centre of Hope

The Centre of Hope is located in the heart of downtown Fort McMurray. We are a daytime drop-in centre for those living in homelessness in our municipality. Practicing from a client centered approach, our goal is to assist individuals in moving forward toward self-sufficiency in their lives.

Our Vision:

“To have a positively impacted community through the prevention of homelessness.” 

The entire Centre of Hope Team have a passion to bring about change in the lives of every patron who accesses our agency. We are invested in growing our skills and knowledge so that we can be strong professional agents of change for the homeless. We strive to be advocates for the homeless in the community. We value the inherit dignity and worth of every single individual who enters our doors and becomes part of the Centre of Hope family. We demand that every individual who comes to the Centre is treated with respect. We pride ourselves on the fact that we foster an environment whereby our patrons feel no judgment, no shame, and that we care for them unconditionally. We meet our patrons where they are at, and work tirelessly every day to bring about positive change in their lives.

Homeless – My world fell apart the other day. A personal tragedy tore my world away. I was once so comfortable and secure. My life is now a constant blur. Family times and days well spent are now replaced by cold, hard cement. I never chose to live this way. A personal tragedy tore my world away. It’s kind of you to help me when you do. Maybe you realize it could happen to you. (GARY HYINK is a formerly homeless man).

Meet The Team!

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