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Canadian Natural & Centre of Hope

Canadian Natural investing in Centre of Hope

Canadian Natural is investing in Centre of Hope (COH) to strengthen and create hope for our most vulnerable by supporting COH’s Outreach Van.

The COH Outreach Van grew out of a noticeable gap in service delivery in supporting individuals experiencing homelessness. There are many individuals in our community who do not access day or night shelter. COH needed to reach those living rough in our community and provide them with basic needs and resources they can access.

The Outreach Van initiative started in 2020 with a grant provided by the Wood Buffalo Community Foundation. This was just the first step in providing services. Funding was needed to stock and maintain the vehicle. Thanks to the very generous support of Canadian Natural, this concept became a reality. Canadian Natural has donated $60,000 over the last three years to the COH Outreach Van. This donation helps with operation, maintenance, and supplies.

Investing in COH has a direct positive impact on individuals experiencing homelessness and their quality of life and wellbeing. This is one of the reasons Canadian Natural is a good fit with COH as they support initiatives that help improve the quality of life in the communities where they live and work.

COH Outreach Van is out in the community five days a week providing basic needs, connection, education, and support. The Van has been out to local events as COH’s calling card to raise awareness for all COH’s programs.

We are currently developing a sponsorship program for the van to supply drinks, hot and cold foods, snacks, and seasonal items. The schedule will be posted on our website if you would like to donate items for the van or to visit these remarkable individuals.

COH’s goal is to support our community and raise awareness for individuals who are experiencing homelessness, attempting to reduce stigma, creating a nonjudgmental society through story telling about homelessness.

Thank you to Canadian Natural for your continuous support and alignment with Centre of Hope!


Rosie Keating

Executive Director of Centre of Hope

Misty Hynes & Rosie Keating
November 10, 2022