Wood Buffalo Coffee Company & Centre of Hope’s Coffee Fundraiser

13 different blends and single origin coffees to choose from ~ order today for Christmas!

Please send your completed Coffee Fundraising Form and e-transfer payment to events@fmcentreofhope.com by or before November 15, 2022.

Coffee Fundraising Form  

Wood Buffalo offers the largest selection of certified organic and fair-trade
coffees purchased directly from 10 different countries and 23 different
community coffee cooperatives. In our efforts to support small producers in
developing countries and support events and organizations in our local
community we are happy to support the Centre of Hope fundraiser
Quality coffee takes quality care and that’s why each individual roast profile is specific to the coffee beans country of origin. All of our coffee is hand-roasted
to order in small batches ensuring our customers get to taste the wide variety
of unique flavours inherent in each cup.

Item# Blends & Single Origin Coffees – $19.99/lb

101 Kluane Sunrise A sunny blend with flavours of caramel & vanilla – a great coffee to wake up to!
102 Firehouse Bright, full body w/ raisin, apricot, honey blossom and brown sugar flavours
103 Holiday Cheer ~ Medium Roast Silky smooth, rich, and delicious- celebrate the holiday season.
104 Winter Blend A well balanced coffee with a full body and a hint of smoke.
105 Backwoods brew Perfect for your cold winter days! A rich and smooth blend with a full body.
106 Colombia Sierra Nevada Balanced body & acidity with brown sugar, lemon, almond & cocoa
201 Tombstone Espresso This cup has a velvety body – it’s spicy and intense, with a sweet finish.
202 Ravens Espresso A strong even blend with a sharp edge and a clean finish.
203 Wood Buffalo Strong This wonderfully smooth coffee has notes of dark chocolate & caramel.
204 Holiday Cheer ~ Dark Roast Rich & dark, has a full body with notes of dark chocolate.
205 French Roast A very deep dark roast: smoky, smooth and rich with oils.
Item# Decaf – $19.99/lb
501 Decaf Delight A lively blend of sweet and smooth with a spicy bright aftertaste.
502 Decaf Espresso A smooth even cup to slow down the day or perfect for after dinner.

On behalf of Centre of Hope thank you for participating in our coffee fundraiser!