Sub Zero Challenge

Sub Zero Challenge starts November 1st through to March 31st to ensure our most vulnerable survive the winter elements.

Make a Difference All Year Round

Sub zero challenge starts November 1st until March 31st to assist our most vulnerable population who are sleeping rough, in a tent, couch surfing, or in a warm doorway, anywhere they can find space with a bit warmth and safety.  Sub zero challenge is for five months, 151 days which is the hardest way to live if you do not have shelter and always seeking warmth and a safe place to be.  The needs of Centre of Hope changes through the seasons, but there is a lot that remains the same.  Continuous donations for food items, bottled water, bread, butter, jams, winter jackets & boots, backpacks, to name a few.

The drop-in centre and our street reach van is funded by donations and require supplies all year round and raising awareness during this timeframe to ensure that our community is aware of how many individuals seeking our help through the drop in and the street reach van.

Help us keep our most vulnerable warm and safe this winter season. As people experiencing homelessness, living outdoors poses a greater risk during winter.  Cold weather can cause hypothermia, where your body loses heat faster than it can be produced.  People experiencing homelessness tend to lack access to vital resources, including insulated winter clothes and warm shelter.

Centre is open from 8am – 4pm seven days a week.  Individual can shower, do laundry, receive clean underwear and/or garments.  A place to warm up and have noodles or oatmeal, hot and cool beverages.

Winter is a brutal challenge, and the cold weather makes life on the streets even more dangerous than usual, and the societal focus on togetherness and holiday cheer can create a sense of even greater isolation.  Next time you see an individual smile and said hello as this goes a long way.  “Don’t forget about ME”.  Just because my life path is different than yours, I’m still seeking the same things as you, Shelter, food, safety!

Thank you for your continuous support for our patrons!

View this link Make a difference to see how you can support this challenge by donating winter clothing, boots, jackets, and food items to Centre of Hope at 10095 Marshall Street from 8:00am – 4:00pm.  Monetary Donation to: