SUBZERO CHALLENGE Fire on Ice – Centre of Hope Fort McMurray
Challenging the undecided!

Fire on Ice ~ February 25, 2023

Join Centre of Hope for a fun filled day of building our own Quinzhee to spend the night in.  Learn how to survive in the winter elements with James Marten a friends from Search and Rescue and our very own Rosie Keating as your guide.  This years location is 25kms north of Fort McMurray off Aostra Road.

Fire on ice is to raise awareness of what it is to face homelessness in the winter as well as to raise funds for the Centre’s SUBZERO CALLENGE 2021-2023.  All proceeds of the Subzero Challenge will go to ensuring the patrons accessing the Centre of Hope have the best possible support as they move towards self-sufficiency.

Individuals seeking information on fire on ice review these documents.

Registered participates review the bulleted documents for more information regarding Fire on Ice.  Participates please complete the waiver of liability and return to  Participates can print off the pledge form and can direct donors to the Fire on Ice Donate to donate directly to Centre of Hope.

Challenging the undecided to complete the waiver, collect pledges, build your own or help another participate with a quinzhee, enjoy the day with Centre of Hope and sleep in your own bed!  Join us! 

For more information please contact Tracy at (780) 713-1241 or

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