Ski for Hope – Home Builders/Developers Supporting

As our Municipal Councillor Phil Meager makes his journey to Fort Chip today for his 280km ski journey starting tomorrow (early am) he has more reasons to smile and be excited just like we do.

We are very grateful to the five companies from the Home Building and Development Community that have stepped up to support this one of a kind and epic journey. Our new friends of Winchester Builders, Devonian Properties (developing Longboat Landing), Rohit Communities, Island Homes and Cherrywood Homes are contributing $1,000.00 dollars each!

 Our dear and generous supporters are also inviting other Home Builders/Developers to support.Our goal is to raise $100 per each km. With $9,000.00 dollars raised we have made first 90km for Phil easier to ski. After hearing the news of generous donations from our new friends, Phil says: “that makes every glide worth a bit more”.Dear Home Builders/Developers and

Community members, let’s make Phil’s journey easier by showing support to this courage’s journey. By pledging your support you will be helping our Centre do more for our patrons.