I am an Addict


by Jackie

I am an addict dying with each blast
At this point I really don’t know how long I’ll last.
The pipe controls me, I can’t get out
No matter how much I scream and shout
No one hears me, they’ve all given up on me
All I long for is my old life, but they can’t see.
Crack has taken everything I had.
To see where I am now, really makes me mad
I am mad at the world for letting me go
I need support and guidance, I want them to know
I use the pipe to numb me from this
Cause it’s my family and friends that I miss
I pray to God to take me away.
But the sun is rising, just another hard day
I light my pipe, my feelings to numb
I really do know that this is dumb
Thats how I deal with my sad existence,
I wish I could quit and be persistent
with staying clean and getting it all back
but by myself… it’s the strength I lack.

This was a poem written by Jackie, a patron of the Centre of Hope, while she was in treatment for her addiction. The Centre of Hope gets to witness so much talent. True talent that comes from within, a lot of the time from tremendous suffering and pain. We are so grateful to know these individuals and hear their stories; in any way they can express them.

Thank you