Our year in Review

Well everyone it has been quite the year at the Centre of Hope. We have successfully completed our Rethink, Redo, Rebrand with help from Leadership Wood Buffalo (a HUGE thank you to the Leadership team who gave selflessly of their time and energy to better the Centre of Hope).

With this rejuvination of the Centre of Hope we added new siding to our building which the patrons, the staff and the community has shown appreciation for. THANK YOU Northern Lights Exteriors for donating this to the Centre of Hope we are so grateful for your time.

This year we took our fundraising activiites to a whole-new-level and added 4 BIG, unique and FUN events for our community to help raise funds for the Centre of Hope. Although it was our first year doing anything to this degree we really had a fun time and learned a lot. The events were successful with each one coming back (with some adaptations) in 2013!!! Boy are we excited! check out our events page to see the 2013 dates and to get more information please contact the fund development Coordinator 780-743-2912 ext 229 or email barb@fmcentreofhope.com

Thank you so much to our volunteers who came out to support each event, we sure made good use of the Syncrude Day’s of Caring team a few times as well as those individuals in our community that gave selflessly of their time and energy in support of our events and needs. THANK YOU!

This HUGE year of change would not have been possible without the Support of many local businesses either donating money, time, or gifting us with materials. THANK YOU to all of the local businesses that gave freely to assist us in our year of change. A special thanks goes out to Printing Unlimited who sponsored and supported us throughout the year as well as ALUMA SYSTEMS for their amazing support during the northern Warrior Race.

We are excited and can’t wait to start this year BIGGER and BETTER than last year! Thanks for your support Fort McMurray!