Meet Boogey

Boogey is in the spotlight this month at the Centre of Hope. We wanted to recognize him and send him well wishes and praise as he enters Treatment for the first time away from Fort McMurray. Here is a note he left us before going:

Why am I here?

I am here due to circumstances, my health, finding out I have a liver infection, diabetes Type 2, losing weight and having chest pains now and then.

I am also here because I need to change my life style. Living on the street has its up’s and down’s, depending on how you look at it. Other street people are okay to get along with, but after you get tired of doing the same thing over day after day you know it’s time for a change. It’s also very struggling sometimes to get money for that first drink. Either you picks cans or pan handle.

My life is no good as an alcoholic. It’s time to try and change, that is why I am here.

– Boogey