Meet Donnie

Hi my name is Donnie and I have been accessing the Centre of Hope since its opening in 2005. I am an addict and this is one of the main barriers contributing to my homeless situation. As I sit here today I am proud and grateful to be 46 days clean and sober. I currently am at detox in Fort McMurray and am awaiting treatment that will take me out of Fort McMurray. I look back at my years of homelessness and am very excited for the new path I have chosen in sobriety. I am thankful to the Centre of Hope for holding me accountable for my decisions and am thankful for their support and advocacy. With the support of my Housing First Coordinator I am hopeful to be housed soon where I can begin my new life as a clean, sober and happy individual.

A message from the Staff

The reason we chose Donnie was because he has actively engaged with the Housing First program. Due to other barriers Housing First was unable to house Donnie when he first entered our program however he still engaged with the his support workers in hopes of obtaining housing in future. We are so very proud of Donnie for taking these steps to better his life and are committed to supporting him to independence and self-sufficiency.