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Ski for Hope – Home Builders/Developers Supporting

As our Municipal Councillor Phil Meager makes his journey to Fort Chip today for his 280km ski journey starting tomorrow (early am) he has more reasons to smile and be excited just like we do. We are very grateful to the five companies from the Home Building and Development Community that have stepped up to support this one of a kind and epic journey. Our new friends of Winchester Builders, Devonian Properties (developing Longboat Landing), Rohit Communities, Island Homes and Cherrywood Homes are contributing $1,000.00 dollars each!  Our dear and …

Ski for Hope

Ski for Hope-Goal $100/km

Municipal Councillor Phil Meagher is taking an epic journey. He will be skiing 280km in hopes of raising awareness and funds for our centre. Councillor Meagher’s journey from Fort Chipewyan to Fort McMurray is expected to take about 30 to 40 hours. He will begin his ride on February 23rd early in the morning and is expected to arrive mid-afternoon on February 24th at the WinterPLAY site on the Snye. Please support this one of a kind and epic adventure by clicking on the below “donate” button.  


I am an Addict

I AM AN ADDICT by Jackie I am an addict dying with each blast At this point I really don’t know how long I’ll last. The pipe controls me, I can’t get out No matter how much I scream and shout No one hears me, they’ve all given up on me All I long for is my old life, but they can’t see. Crack has taken everything I had.   To see where I am now, really makes me mad I am mad at the world for letting me go …


a Message the Patrons at the Centre of Hope

This is a message we recieved from some patrons at the Centre of Hope. It sure brightened our day A message from all of us We would all like to thank each and every one of you, for all you’ve done and labour of love toward each and every one of us. And your many prayer’s. May God bless each and every one of you, and your families. We are so blessed to work at the Centre of Hope, to provide a place of rest free from harm and judgement …


Our year in Review

Well everyone it has been quite the year at the Centre of Hope. We have successfully completed our Rethink, Redo, Rebrand with help from Leadership Wood Buffalo (a HUGE thank you to the Leadership team who gave selflessly of their time and energy to better the Centre of Hope). With this rejuvination of the Centre of Hope we added new siding to our building which the patrons, the staff and the community has shown appreciation for. THANK YOU Northern Lights Exteriors for donating this to the Centre of Hope we are …